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How to Apply  -   Hebron Food Pantry, Inc. 


Working Person’s Food Pantry (WPFP) &  Senior’s Food Pantry (SFP)



11 Sanford Street, Attleboro, MA

Across from the YMCA, lower level of Centenary United Methodist Church



Working Person’s Food Pantry - Every Thursday 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Senior’s Food Pantry - Every Tuesday 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Who can receive assistance?

WORKING PERSONS   Any working person can receive EMERGENCY FOOD ASSISTANCE during difficult times. Sometimes working people find themselves in a tight financial situation - trying to decide to pay a bill, or to purchase food for the table - so they visit the WPFP and receive help.

SENIORS   Any person over 60 years of age can receive EMERGENCY FOOD ASSISTANCE. Many Seniors live on Social Security, with little or no other income. They sometimes need the boost that the SFP can give.

What do you need to bring?

    WORKING PERSONS:  Bring a picture ID and recent pay stub (or unemployment stub).

    SENIORS:  Bring a picture ID showing your birth date.

The first time you come in for assistance you will need to bring address verification 

(a bill or something that shows your address).

·      We will ask you to fill out an application including your name, address, phone number, how many people live at that address, and their ages.

·     For working people, you also will need to give information about your workplace and income.  We enter this into our database so that we can keep track of the number of people we serve. We report just numbers of people to The Greater Boston Food Bank. 

·     Each week you will be asked to sign in. Workers will need to show their ID and pay stub. Then you may ‘shop’ for the items you can use and know your family will eat.

·     You can select one item from each shelf and place it in a large box which is on a cart that is like a shopping cart.

·     There is a limit of one box, in addition to bread, pastries and other goodies, per individual/family.

·     Only one person, per address, may shop at the Hebron Food Pantry, per week.