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Help us with our mission to #FEEDTHEPEOPLE

Please complete the forms below and contact Executive Director Carissa Phillips at Check out Facebook for information about becoming a volunteer. We look forward to working with you!


AFTER completing the volunteer application return to this page.

Under 18 – you will need to fill out the minor permission form along with your application.

18 and older – you will need to fill out a CORI form along with your application. 


Looking for another way your student may be able to give back?
Sign up on our new KIDSGIVING APP on your android or iphone!

This is an organization designed to teach students the importance of philanthropy through a partnership with local non-profit organizations. Their goal is to work with many different types of non-profits so our children learn about the numerous and unique needs of our community, as well as the positive impact they can make.

Check out their website or their Facebook page for more information!
Students can plan a fundraising event, food drive, donate their time at the pantry, collect donations at a supermarket, etc. 

A History of Hebron:

The Hebron Village Outreach Center, Inc. (HVOC) was formed in spring of 1999, following the merger of the Hebron and Centenary United Methodist Churches in 1997. After the churches merged, members of both churches, and other interested friends from the community formed the vision of HVOC. A board of Directors was appointed, and the process of becoming a non-profit organization was initiated immediately. It began in the former Hebron Church, (which was located in the Hebronville section of Attleboro) and focused on a variety of human services. In November 2006 we moved to the lower level of Centenary United Methodist Church in downtown Attleboro. In 2009 the Board made the decision to focus on hunger as our mission, and changed our name to Hebron Food Pantry, Inc. to reflect that focus. The name kept the history of the original location of the pantry. The logo that we use also incorporates a weather-vane that was on the steeple of the old Hebron Church.